This activity is been planned and implemented in accordance with the standards and requirements for approval of providers in continuing education in podiatric medicine through a joint provider agreement between AMITA Health Saint Joseph Hospital, Chicago whereas the American College of Lower Extremity Surgeons is the joint provider. AMITA St. Joseph Hospital, Chicago is approved by the Council on Podiatric Medical Education as a provider of continuing education and podiatric medicine. AMITA Health St. Joseph Hospital has approved this activity for a maximum of 18 continuing education contact hours."

ACLES ​American College of Lower Extremity Surgeons

Welcome to ACLES


Board of Directors ;

William J Sarchino DPM ,FACLES FAPWHc

Joseph Gimbel DPM

Irina Vasserman DPM

Brian Goldstein DPM, M.Ed.FACLES, FAPWH

David Novicki DPM ABPS

Frank Zappa DPM, ABPS

Steve Kravitz DPM

Dedrie Polakof DPM

Sheldon Goldstein DPM

Bruce Holtzman DPM


September 10-11 , 2021

Annual program

​Saratoga Springs

Presenters include:

Steve Kravitz DPM

​Bryan Markinsen DPM

Guido Laporta DPM

David Novicki DPM

Robert Busch MD

Daniel Hatch

​James DeJesus DPM

Dock Dockery DPM

Robert Giering MD